Dennis Bracelet

Cape Cod has always been the destination for those who take exceptional liking to beautifully hand crafted Dennis bracelet. Located in Massachusetts, Cape Cod has received a big share of popularity as it once hosted the famous Eve Carey who started it all.

It is impossible to talk about Cape Cod Dennis bracelet without talking about Eve Carey. As it were, the bracelet is also called Eden Dennis bracelet due to the fact that when Eve Carey, who happened to be an Artist during her lifetime, decided to reside in the Cape, she thought it wise to acquaint her abode with the nameEden’. This is because there couldn’t have been an Eve without an Eden a picturesque garden. When Eve and her hubby happened on the property at Route 6A in Dennis, Cape Cod, they knew intuitively that the environment will serve as their home, as such, the bracelet became also known as Dennis bracelet or Cape Cod bracelet, and the place of production was to be known as Eden Hand Art.

The company that actually started solo has gained a lot of recognition as people flock toward the Cape to get their share of a bracelet that stands out from the crowd. Since there was need to retain the uniqueness of the craft, the Dennis bracelet, which does come with a screwball clasp that is well threaded, thereby allowing for an invisibly smooth fastening, can only be purchased in the Cape. To get your own hand crafted Eden Dennis bracelet and Cape Cod jewelry, you will have to find yourself in the Cape either within May-June, or within July-August (during summer). It is noted that the crowd during summer is so much that they insist clients must be ticketed so as to allow them to serve people effectively, while protecting them too against parking problems.

You can actually obtain a ticket to enable you get your Dennis bracelet if you send details of your intended time of visitation to their email address, But you can also get a ticket by mail if you send details of when you want to come over in a self-addressed and stamped envelope (SASE) to P.O.Box, 784, E. Dennis MA 02641. You are to allow the passage of three weeks for the reply to come to you. You are advised to get a second date as a backup for the first when you write asking for a ticket. This is because it is possible that the first date of choice may be fully booked for the Dennis bracelet before your request arrives. So the second date will aid against such situation.

Visiting days for May-June is Thursday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm, and for these months tickets are not required. For the months of July-August, there will be ticketing due to the summer rush, and you will have to specify if you want to be attended to during the first batch (10 am to 1 pm), or second batch (1 pm to 4:30 pm). Also have in mind that the door will be opened for these months from Wednesdays through Saturdays, and you can only pay for your own Eden Dennis bracelet by checks or cash. They do not accept credit or debit cards as a means of payment.

The tickets cover for the request of two to three persons, and if you find you came late, you can be lucky to be adopted by those who may have less than three persons. Since Dennis bracelet is not so highly priced, the rush each day is high and you can get attended to quickly if you arrive before 10 am, and make for the line meant for “Those who know what they want”. A word of caution here is that to get original Dennis bracelet, you must not buy it online. The company does not sell their craft online, and they do not have agents scattered around that are licensed to do so. Nothing else happens through online process save making a request for a ticket. If you want to verify the originality of a Dennis bracelet, check to see if you will find their Eden® tag on the Cape Cod Screwball® bracelet.

Original Dennis bracelet is crafted to suit the size of your wrist, with a little allowance to let it fall off. You can decide to order one for your loved one if you have the original size of his/her wrist. You can do so by taking the wrist measurement with the help of a plastic tape, and then you will have to go to the Cape to have it done.

Finally, to preserve your Eden Dennis Bracelet, do not indulge in incessant taking it off and putting it on again, as it will damage it quickly. Also, keep it away from chlorine and bromine, as both can cause formation of chlorides and bromides, which darken the Cape Cod Dennis bracelet. Endeavor to always clean your Dennis bracelet with the recommended polish type so it would last long enough.